Darlington Library

23rd March 2022

Hard hat? Check. High Vis? Check. Steel capped boots? Check.

Still elated from climbing my first scaffolding summit (is that a thing?) I grabbed site manager Alan and asked him for a tour of the roof space.
I'd heard many tales about low ceilings, dusty crawl space, narrow walkways, and stuffy confined spaces so I was prepared for the worst.
Luckily it turned out that I'm a lot smaller than most of the previous visitors to the roof space, so I found it a walk in the park.

Bravado aside, seeing the space with my own eyes really brought it home how much planning and skill is required to fix this intricate roof. The library team have got to know the construction team, and we are quite fond of them now, so I was relieved to hear Alan’s plans for keeping them safe whilst they work in the void.

I'll be sure to make them a brew once they have finished.

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