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Darlington Library Refurbishment | Birthday Spotlight | Neville - Heating Engineer

We are now in December, and we thought we would shine the spotlight on some of our individual construction team workers. First to be featured is Heating Engineer and all round “good egg”, Neville O’Riordan, who incidentally turns 58 today. (2nd Dec 2022)

Neville and some of his handiwork

Neville is often the first face I see when I enter the building on a morning. He starts work early and is often in the boiler room, which is close to where we sign-in each day. Since starting the job in April, I haven’t received anything less than a cheery “good morning” every single meet.

Work is progressing well on our library, but the scope of the work is huge so by the time of completion, some of our contractors will have been working alongside us for well over a year. It seems only right, therefore, that we introduce you to some of the team.

Neville works for Twins, and has done for 34 years. Having trained as a Heating Engineer from the age of 16, this is his first time working on a Library.

He shakes his head, laughing when I ask about his first day. “I was shocked and a little panicked when I saw the size and scope of the work.” He wasn’t wrong; It’s a large building, and the plantroom needed to be completed refurbished. The singular system needed replacing and zoning in order to achieve the energy efficiencies we were seeking.

He remembers meeting my colleague, Laura, and I, [who promptly offered him cake] and Glen, the lead Electrician, who advised him to simply take one room at a time.

This is the approach Neville used - starting in one of our offices and methodically working along the basement floor, re-piping all the original radiators situated on the public floor and establishing our new heating system.

The Library's New Boilers

I asked Neville what he has enjoyed about the job so far, and what he has found most challenging. I think the answer surprised himself. Neville is used to working on his own and was originally somewhat dismayed at the thought of working on a large building with our staff “under his feet”, “interrupting him”, “needing him to move out of our way as we came by with our trollies of books”. However, this seems to be what he has enjoyed the most about this job, commenting that it’s been refreshing seeing our team take an interest and stop to say hello as we pass. In particular he has liked speaking to Bob, our attendant, who has taken a keen interest in his work and who also often works solo and has therefore appreciated the company.

We have really enjoyed having Neville on site, and he is certainly flavour of the month with my team - as we finally have some heating back in part of the building after some chilly months without!

Happy Birthday Neville!

Enjoy the pie and birthday cake from all of your friends at Darlington Library. 😊

Suzy | Library Manager


Myself and Neville


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