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Deefor Dragon

Did you know that Deefor dragon is our junior library mascot and likes to visit the library whenever he can (we see him often at our events and of course he loves to visit the Market square on St George’s day!)



This week Deefor stopped by for a chat to tell me all about what we have going on for children in the junior library. We will try not to let it drag-on for too long!

Deefor: Hello, I’ll start with one of my best jokes…. How do you know if there is a dragon under your bed?

Me: I don’t know.

D: Your nose is touching the ceiling. Ha ha! I always love that joke, it’s one of my best.

Me: That’s great Deefor, I’ll bet you have lots more where that came from, knowing what you’re like!

D: Abso-dragon-lutely! But first of all I wanted to tell our amazing junior library members about some of the exciting things we have going on in the next couple of months here at the library. I’m so excited! Firstly we have plenty to keep your little ones busy during half term, everything from making your own books to seeing a musical performance. How brilliant is that! We have even more happening during our Bookfest 2020, happening 2nd-7th March, everything is free and there are magic shows, interactive storytelling, princess and superhero parties and some drama workshops so lots of events and something to suit everybody aged 2-16. We haven’t forgotten about those tweens and teens either, with an evening just for them!

Me: Wow! Deefor that sounds a busy time for the library. How do people get places at these events?

D: They can visit our website and click on a link which takes you to the libraries Eventbrite page and you can book through there, but be quick, these tickets won’t be around forever! During term time for our baby dragons…I mean baby humans we have our popular rhymetime sessions, full of songs, musical instruments and play! You don’t need to let us know you are coming to the Darlington library sessions you can just turn up on the day, but pre-booking is a must for Cockerton sessions. They’re such a great way to encourage reading and literacy from a very early age, and the junior library just bursts with energy and laughter! And you can join the library and start borrowing our books which is the most amazing part!

Me: That’s brilliant, there’s definitely no excuse of having nothing to do then!

D: Mums and dads everywhere listen up! You don’t want bored children on your hands! Which brings me to another joke, what’s a hungry dragons favourite day of the week?

Me: Ooh, I don’t know.

D: Chews-day of course!

Me: Another belter there Deefor. Before you go though tell me something I’ve always wanted to know. Why do dragons sleep during the day?

D: So they can fight knights.

Me: ah, it all makes sense now! We will catch up soon Deefor and for more information on our events programme visit our website:

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