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Lockdown: Part 2 - Blog

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Lockdown: Part 2

Altogether now: “We’re going to lockdown two, electric avenue….”(you sang that right?!)
Whatever situation we’ve found ourselves in this year, it’s been very strange to say the least. Now we are in a second lockdown I’m going to set up a mini challenge for whoever is wanting to join in….perhaps it will give us all a little focus on the month ahead. 

Books give us some place to go when we have to stay where we are.


1. Set some time ahead to write down some goals for the next month. Maybe they could be to try and communicate with a family member using Zoom, text or social media, maybe one you’ve never used before. Make sure the goals aren’t overwhelming and start small for optimum results!

2. Try not to put a reference of time in your mind for how long the month is, take one day at a time and reach out to others for support, even if you can’t physically see people you could communicate in other ways, they may be glad you did.

3. Positivity is key so get outside if you can, or sit outside for a while if you can’t go too far. Nature is amazing for giving us perspective on life.

4. Try and eat well and look after yourself, try some new recipes while you have time to and aren’t in a rush!

5. Have a go at some family history with FREE access on our website.

6. E-books will be your friend if you have no physical ones….FREE on our website.

7. Try some mindful activities such as crafting, doing a jigsaw puzzle or watching a favourite TV series.

8. Know that we’re all in this together, you’re never alone.

9. Download our library app to select and collect books quickly and easily (unlike last lockdown we are still open to collect reserved books only.)

10. You can also phone us if you would like to reserve some titles.

11. Let us know how you are going to live your best lockdown life and if you have any ideas to share with our readers. It’s not easy and we understand that some times will be challenging, take care and stay safe everybody.


From the library blogger J

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