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Library Love Island Round Up...

Library Love Island round up…..

The popular ITV2 show Love Island has been back a few weeks now and features bikini-clad singletons living in a holiday villa waiting to ‘couple up’ with someone to find romance. As Valentine’s day is just around the corner we find out who’s coupling up with who on ‘library love island’…

Maid Marian and Lancelot.

Maid Marian is fending off Lancelot’s advances at the moment, although will it turn out to be a case of ‘ the lady doth protest too much’? Is there room at the round table for another romance for him or will Lady Guinevere get the royal hump?

Carrie and Hannibal Lector.

Carrie may have once experienced a blood bath at her school prom but this doesn’t stop her from getting along splendidly with Hannibal. They have both enjoyed swimming in the villa pool and are planning on sharing a bottle of Chianti at dinner tonight. Hannibal hopefully won’t be doing the cooking. 

Jane Eyre and Dorian Gray. 

These two had found each other a match earlier in the week, unfortunately since then Dorian only seems to have eyes for himself. So perhaps this romance is over before it even has begun.

Mary Poppins and Willy Wonka. 

Mary and Willy were very sweet on each other until Willy revealed how much chocolate and sweets are in his diet, Mary was quite affronted and said the only time sugar is permitted is when you’re taking your medicine. We are not sure whether this love pairing will go sour soon.

Bridget Jones and Adrian Mole.

Bridget may be mad about the boys usually but is Adrian still mad on Pandora? Will this couple have enough time to spend together or will they be too busy updating their diaries to focus on each other?

Peter Pan and Matilda. 

These two started out great and we still have faith that Cupid’s arrow will strike, just as soon as Matilda has persuaded Peter to get his head out of the clouds, stay grounded and read a good book with her.

Agatha Raisin and Sherlock Holmes.

Agatha and Sherlock just love chatting about all their combined solved mysteries. We think they will just love being coupled in the villa… they could become the perfect crime solving duo…. Watson who?

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