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No such word as bored!

At the moment we are all finding more time on our hands and more and more of us are trying something new or looking to keep busy over lockdown.

Books rule!

We have to start with a book related challenge of course, so how about organising a competition with friends and family and see who can read the most titles over lockdown? Reading is a great way of escaping to new worlds when you have to stay where you are and it also, improves your vocabulary and memory as well as helps fuel the imagination. Can you tick off 10 books, 20 or maybe even go for the 100?! See if you can inspire others to join in the competition. Book art is a great way to share your passion for reading with others and help spread the word of new titles you’ve enjoyed. For our junior readers why not set yourself the Harry Potter challenge to read/re-read all the books before Harry Potter book day on June 29th…..can you do it?

Get some scissors, glue and paper and use old magazines to design a funky collage, who can make the funniest picture in the family?

Nature walks-

Tick off all the new discoveries you make on your daily walks and perhaps collect some natural materials to make some nature art at home. Has anyone spotted the famous Mandarin ducks at Drinkfield marsh yet? Why not reserve a nature book and see what you can tick off?

Ice sculptures-

Make time for crafts made these stunning creations when the weather turned frosty…how beautiful! Create your own designs and don’t forget to pop some string in so you can hang them up in the garden.


There are a great range of photo books you can borrow if you’ve been taking photos recently over lockdown and want to brush up on your skills. With so many opportunities to see nature than ever before why not create some albums of exploring the great outdoors, we’d love to see them!

Lockdown art

Being creative can be a great outlet at the moment and painting sketching and crafts are all fantastic ways of keeping busy over lockdown. New to art? Don’t worry we have the book for that.

Exercise and health

Being stuck in for long periods of time can be really difficult but just remember that we are all in it together. If you can get outdoors for a walk every day it’s a great way to boost your mental health. If you can’t get outside try and allow time for sitting in an outdoor space or open the window to hear the sounds of nature to soothe and calm you. There are a lot of online resources you can use to embark on a new exercise regime but also we have great titles if you fancy trying yoga, pilates and wish to gently increase your fitness levels for the new year.

Keep calm and remember the library is here to help 😊


Photos courtesy of @manicmumdayscas & Stephen Gordon.

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