Darlington Library

Spring 2022

21st April

Despite us heading in to spring, the weather turned cold and icy just in time for the roofers to appear on site.


With scaffolding surrounding the building, and towers and loading bays prepped for storing the tiles, we weren’t going to let a little thing like snow stop us.

In order to safely begin work on the first part of the roof, the construction team needed to install platforms over the glass laylights. In order to do this, they needed to climb three flights of stairs carrying these platforms! With my office in listening distance of their route, I could have been mistaken from thinking the Chuckle Brothers were about as they negotiated the twists and turns of the stairways. They did an amazing job and within a matter of days the first section had been safely boarded and Alan and I tested it out.


Later in the week Construction Manager, Alistair, showed Councillor Keir and I the view from the outside scaffold. The roof tiles are beginning to be stripped off and saved in batches so they can be re-laid, allowing for closer inspection of the guttering and the beams. It was bitterly cold up there and I’m blaming the weather for my wobbly legs, not the ladder height.

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