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If you have always had a passion for knitting, or are a beginner and would like to see what it’s all about why not join our lovely knitting group every Monday morning at Darlington library. We meet from 10-12 and we promise to make you welcome.

We stopped by for a chat and asked what the group means to two of our knitters and why new members are always welcome to join.

What’s the best thing about knitting?

Its relaxing, it keeps you calm. I really get a sense of fulfilment when a garment is finished. I find it such a relaxing form of occupation.

What’s the funniest thing to happen in the group?

I would say generally we always have a laugh.

Probably when we tell each other funny stories and when one of us forgets our knitting!

What advice would you give to a first-time knitter?

I would say persevere, you will get it. Mistakes happen to the best of us, don’t worry.

What are you making at the moment and where do you get your ideas?

I’m making a crocheted throw, a fairisle jumper and an R2D2! I get my ideas from magazines and people at the group mainly. I am knitting for the Darlington memorial hospital baby shop.

Why should someone come along to join the knitting group?

We are a happy, friendly group and everyone is welcomed. It’s great fun, come along and meet us!


So what is knitting?

Knitting is the process of using two or more needles to loop yarn into a series of interconnected loops in order to create a finished garment or some other type of fabric. The word is derived from knot, thought to originate from the Dutch verb knutten, which is similar to the Old English cnyttan, “to knot”. Its origins lie in the basic human need for clothing for protection against the elements. The oldest knitted artefacts are socks from Egypt dating from the 11th century! More recently hand knitting has become less a necessary skill and more a hobby. We of course have lots of books on our shelves to help give you ideas or get you started.



Our wonderful library would not be the same without our lovely library team so I will be attempting to introduce some of our staff members and what they do!


Meet the first librarian in the hot seat….Vicki…..



“ Hi, my name is Vicki and one of the things I love doing in my work at Darlington Library is overseeing the home reader service.

This is a monthly exchange of books available for any Darlington Borough resident who is unable to visit the library in person for any reason.  

Books are available in ordinary print, large print and spoken word. 


There are a full range of books on offer from feelgood romances to gruesome crime and everything in between.


Why not escape into the world of the Jedi and read our collection of Star Wars books if you want to. You can borrow up to 15 books at a time so you need never be short of a book between exchanges.


I am an avid reader myself so I know the importance of having a good book to enjoy. If you would like to use the library service but are unable to visit Darlington or Cockerton Library please do not hesitate to contact us on 01325 349610 and ask about the home reader service. 

I have been enjoying some fantastic books from Darlington Libraries E-book selection provided by Borrowbox recently. 


"The Salt Path" by Raynor Winn is a truly inspiring account of a couple's journey after losing everything. I was left full of admiration for the way in which the couple triumphed over adversity.
"Postscript" by Cecelia Ahern is the follow up to the tearjerker "P. S I Love You". The book has an amazing predecessor to live up to but it doesn't disappoint at all. Expect to shed more tears as you follow Holly Kennedy's journey.

I don't usually read popstars autobiographies but Elton John's "Me" made a riveting and entertaining read. Elton John's humour rang out loud and clear throughout the book.

So for those who have never tried e-Books I would thoroughly recommend downloading the Borrowbox app on your tablet,smartphone, computer or digital audio player and beginning your e-Book journey today.”


Library Love Island round up…..

The popular ITV2 show Love Island has been back a few weeks now and features bikini-clad singletons living in a holiday villa waiting to ‘couple up’ with someone to find romance. As Valentine’s day is just around the corner we find out who’s coupling up with who on ‘library love island’…

Maid Marian and Lancelot.

Maid Marian is fending off Lancelot’s advances at the moment, although will it turn out to be a case of ‘ the lady doth protest too much’? Is there room at the round table for another romance for him or will Lady Guinevere get the royal hump?

Carrie and Hannibal Lector.

Carrie may have once experienced a blood bath at her school prom but this doesn’t stop her from getting along splendidly with Hannibal. They have both enjoyed swimming in the villa pool and are planning on sharing a bottle of Chianti at dinner tonight. Hannibal hopefully won’t be doing the cooking. 

Jane Eyre and Dorian Gray. 

These two had found each other a match earlier in the week, unfortunately since then Dorian only seems to have eyes for himself. So perhaps this romance is over before it even has begun.

Mary Poppins and Willy Wonka. 

Mary and Willy were very sweet on each other until Willy revealed how much chocolate and sweets are in his diet, Mary was quite affronted and said the only time sugar is permitted is when you’re taking your medicine. We are not sure whether this love pairing will go sour soon.

Bridget Jones and Adrian Mole.

Bridget may be mad about the boys usually but is Adrian still mad on Pandora? Will this couple have enough time to spend together or will they be too busy updating their diaries to focus on each other?

Peter Pan and Matilda. 

These two started out great and we still have faith that Cupid’s arrow will strike, just as soon as Matilda has persuaded Peter to get his head out of the clouds, stay grounded and read a good book with her.

Agatha Raisin and Sherlock Holmes.

Agatha and Sherlock just love chatting about all their combined solved mysteries. We think they will just love being coupled in the villa… they could become the perfect crime solving duo…. Watson who?


We are always over the moon when we host award winning authors and Elly Griffiths is no exception!

She  is currently touring the whole month of February as part of the launch of ‘The Lantern men’

Elly (real name Domenica de Rosa) has been writing since 1998 and is a very familiar name in our crime section.

Many of our customers are looking forward to getting their hands on her latest title, why not add yourself to the waiting list today! 

In the western world, crime fiction – mystery, thrillers, suspense, whodunnits, etc. – makes up somewhere between 25 and 40 percent of all fiction book sales. Which has got us wondering…why is crime such a popular genre? Crime fiction found its feet with Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes and entered into a Golden Age in the 1920s with Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot and Dorothy L Sayers’ Lord Peter Wimsey, amongst others. The Golden Age introduced ‘rules’ for the genre. Reba White Williams ( summarizes these as follows:

1. All the clues available to the investigator must be available to the reader.

2. There must be a body and we must be introduced to it quickly.

3. The perpetrator can’t conveniently appear out of nowhere in the finale.

4. The crime must be solved by deduction rather than coincidence.

5. There must be multiple clues that can be interpreted in a variety of ways, and more than one suspect.

6. Details must be accurate. Crime is fascinating, to be sure, because most of us don’t commit it. But the popularity of the genre has little to do with crime per se. It has far more to do with the very essence of how storytelling works. There are so many sub genres too from cosy mystery (eg. Agatha Christie and M.C Beaton) to forensic (Jeffery Deaver) and legal (John Grisham) to military thriller (Tom Clancy). So perhaps the popularity is also due to the wide appeal to all interests.


We asked some of our colleagues why they enjoy reading crime.

“I enjoy reading scandinavian crime books. The stories are exciting and I am fascinated about why individuals commit shocking acts. I enjoy reading Camilla Lackberg and discovering all about the local detective Patrik Hedstrom and the other inhabitants of the fishing community of Fjallbacka and the appalling crimes that have occurred”.

“I like classic crime as I love a challenge and I like to see if I can guess ‘whodunnit’ before the end!”

“There are lots of different themes to choose from in crime fiction, I like Simon Kernick best, they’re very gripping and engaging”



Tickets are on sale on now on our Eventbrite page priced £5, so grab one while you can and look out for our Elly Griffiths book display coming soon!

We are delighted to have the super talented Mad Alice theatre company returning to the library at 2pm on the Saturday 15th February 2020. Their production of Rose and Robin really kept audiences old and young entertained last time they visited and we still remember the lovely music drifting through the library and loads of smiling faces as some of the younger audience told us how much they had enjoyed the show.

Mad Alice Theatre Company develops and produces high quality professional theatre touring to our North East regional as well as national theatres plus schools and community venues.  They specialize in theatre for children and young people and families and have put on outdoor promenade/site specific productions which have been enjoyed by all ages due to their unusual and accessible nature– despite the British Weather!  Mad Alice is a not-for-profit professional Theatre Company created by actress Shelley O’Brien in 2003 and is based in Consett in Co. Durham – her home town. For more information on what they do visit:

Rose and Robin is a lively production for children aged 7 and their grown ups.

From childhood to old age, Rose and Robin have had a wonderful life together – and they want to share it with YOU! 

From sports to stargazing, they’ve enjoyed so much! And most of all, they loved to dance.

They’ve had their bumps in the road, of course, and now Robin can’t remember where they keep the clothes pegs. But that’s all fine, at the end of the day!

Playful and serious, sad and happy, this is a show that celebrates life in all its richness; a story of love and loss, for old and young... especially if you are over seven and have ever lost a sock… Or someone you love.

So, join Rose and Robin through their days of dances and dreams, music and memories. What could possibly go wrong? Well, quite a bit... but don’t worry. You’ll be helping them with some of the moves!

A perfect play for children to enjoy with their grandparents and parents - they were kids once as well!

Tickets are £1.50 to book use our eventbrite page: