Home Delivery Service

Many library customers find themselves in a position where it is challenging to visit our branches to collect their books but express how important reading is to their health and wellbeing.

We offer an exceptional service to Darlington residents who are aged 60 and above, where they are connected to a member of our team who selects books for them according to their likes and interests, which are delivered monthly alongside a doorstep conversation to provide meaningful interactions as well as their much appreciated reading materials.

It’s easy to join just ring us at: Darlington Library 01325 349610

or e-mail: library@darlington.gov.uk

Delivery is free and our friendly staff will deliver your books to you once a month.

Books are hardback and paperback, in both standard and large print. Audio books that play on any CD player

You can recieve Books, Large Print, Audio Books on CD, Music on CD, Children’s Books, Information, Digital eBooks and eMagazines via our website.


We will contact you to discuss your reading interests, and then choose books to suit you.


You can also request your favourite books and authors.

The service is for residents of Darlington who are over the age of 60 or who are unable to access their Libraries because of ill health, disability or frailty.