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e-mail notifications

We can now send you an email when you have a book reservation to collect.
Complete your details below so that we may set this up for you. ( You will no longer receive a letter or telephone call if you choose this option )

Reservations and Requests

Darlington Libraries run a reservation service, where you can order books whether they appear on our catalogue or not. You can check for titles on our catalogue using the quick search box above, or by using the Advanced search with more detailed information.
Once you have found the title you are looking for you can reserve it, after you have logged in at the My Account box on the right, and choose which library you want to collect the book from.  There is a charge for this service which you will pay when you collect the book.
If we do not have the book you are looking for, please send us an email us with the full book details and your library card number to and we will consider it for purchase. 
Please put “Book Request” in the Subject box, so that the email does not get lost in our spam filter. We only buy books to satisfy requests if they would be useful additions to stock in accordance with our Stock Policy.

Please note our 'please request it' link is not working at the moment, please send any outstanding requests to the email address above if you have not yet received a reply.


We ask you whether you want us to try to borrow it for you from another library service, if the book is not in print or not suitable for purchase, we will then search for the book in other libraries in our region, libraries around the UK and the British Library.

There is a charge for the reservation service, which can be found on the Fines and Charges link below. If we borrow the book from another library in the UK for you, we will charge a higher fee to cover some of the cost to us of using the inter-library loan service.


Request form for the Centre for Local Studies

If you would like to request Local Studies items either in advance of your visit or when you come in, please use this form for guidance. The information staff require to locate the item you are interested in is marked with an asterix symbol *

Please click here for our form.